About The Project


When one grows, we all grow.

When one learns, we all learn.

When one heals, we all heal.



Our Mission at OM Forward is to help teachers continue to deepen their knowledge of yoga at an affordable price. We believe knowledge shouldn't cost thousands of dollars - especially when it means healing for many. Yoga teachers teach because they want to be of service to their community. They want to help people awaken, heal, transform, grow, shed the old and embrace the newness of an empowered life.

We are committed to helping YOU, the teacher, grow. We are committed to helping YOU awaken, heal, transform, shed the old, and embrace the newness of an empowered life.

See how this works?

We foster community. Not competition.

We foster the sharing of knowledge. Not greed.

We foster connectedness. Not separateness.

It starts with you - the teacher. And it ends with us - the all.


We meet with a different senior teacher who will teach on their area of expertise.

Each session will be 2-3 hours with the idea that you will be given the skills to teach what you've just learned.